About Relappro

Relap Pro  is an advertising company specialized in outsourcing programmatic sales from internet advertising for customers.

Relap Pro  was created in May of 2016 and it has been operating since May 2017 as an independent ad service player. After one year of investigations and business testing in our headquarter based in Mexico, our company can help you find the best ad tech partners and optimized structure with neutrality, focusing on your fill rates, increasing your revenue and providing you with the best eCPM.

Most of the time, publishers are disillusioned with the ad tech providers because they always promise amazing results and unfortunately they do not achieve them, because there is no such thing as a perfect ad tech partner in the programmatic world.

Relap Pro  knows that the service of serving ads is not enough for your business. For that reason, programmatic ad sales needs a high tech expert team involved in global optimization for every local market.

In order to take care of your business, your advertiser budgets and the agency media, Relap Pro  protects your CPMs avoiding fraud injections, which only few companies in the market are capable to do.